Construction Law and Litigation
(Past Representations)

Residential and Commercial Construction 

Franklin Street, NYC - This firm represented the owner and developer of a loft conversion in multi-million dollars claims by the unit owners and in subsequent litigation against the contractors, and legal, engineering and architectural professionals retained by the developer.
Single family homes - Representation of numerous homeowners and contractors in disputes over payment and defects relating to residential construction.  We also represent homeowners against national home builders through litigation and warranty claims.

Pipelines and Outfalls

Cypress Creek Wellfields, Florida - Attorneys in the firm represented a contractor in its defense of the owner's $35 million claim against engineer, contractor and pipe manufacturer arising out of the rupture of a 37- mile 84" prestressed concrete water pipe feeding Pinellas and Pasco (FL) counties.  This firm also handled related litigation seeking insurance coverage for the claims.
Round Valley Reservoir (NJ) - We defended a general contractor against a $30 million claim of the owner following rupture of 120" prestressed release line from a reservoir.  This firm also successfully brought a declaratory judgment action to have the contractor's insurance carriers indemnify it for defense costs and damages.
Cape May County Outfall - Attorneys in the firm represented a national engineering firm in dispute over design and construction of two major ocean outfalls.


Sunshine Skyway, St. Petersburg, Florida - We represented a contractor in litigation arising out of the construction of a major cable-stayed bridge, including problems with main bridge piers and drilled caissons and delayed access claims by the follow-on contractor.

Industrial/Sanitary Facilities 

Municipal Utility Authority, North Bergen, New Jersey - We represented the owner in connection with disputes with engineers and contractors arising during the bidding for and during construction of portions of a 3.4 MGD waste treatment facility.
The Pequannock, Lincoln Park & Fairfield Sewerage Authority, Incinerator #2 (NJ) - We represented the owner in an action against the contractor and the engineer to recover for defects in a multi-million dollar fluidized bed sewage sludge incinerator.

Military/Strategic Facilities 

Newport News Shipyards, Newport News, Virginia - Legal consultation on implications of failure of drydock facility; continuing consultation on series of contracts at this shipbuilding site on changes, acceleration directives, coordination and subcontractor issues.


Tampa International Airport, Tampa, Florida - Represented contractor against Hillsborough County Aviation Authority for various claims by the owner against the contractor, including expansive aggregate in sub-base of main runway.

Miscellaneous Projects 

Weehawken (NJ) High School - Represented architect in design and construction disputes arising out of rehabilitation of Township's high school facility.
Warren County Community College (NJ) - Represented HVAC subcontractor regarding various claims of owner of allegedly deficient work and for claims for unpaid subcontract balances.
Passaic County Community College - Represented bidder regarding protest of bid and award procedure.